I am Chard Lowden, blind artist and inventor of devious devices. Steam is the driving force behind my current work, and I love to in with gourds, wood, brass, and glass.


I have been creating sculpture and jewelery since high school. In 2007 I created a gourd sculpture for Calabash, a auction of artwork to support Food For Thought Food Bank in Forrestville CA. The success of that piece motivated me to continue to participate every year since.


In October of 2009 I experienced the loss of most of my vision. I have no shight in my right eye, no central or nasal (toward the right) vision in my left eye. I do have enough peripheral vision in my left eye to work, but slowly. I am grateful to my art which has kept me sane and motivated.


In 2013 I created 2 "Airships" for the auction and they both sold. This success has motivated me to create Chardifacts and to take my art to the next level.


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